Nancy Colella: Barns and Beach Houses

Current Exhibition

Lower Gallery May 16 - June 29, 2024

From May 16 – June 29, Co|So is proud to present Barns and Beach Houses by Nancy Colella in our Lower Gallery Alcove. Nancy has been drawn to “architecture in the landscape” as a subject for years. In fact, she had a show for the North River Arts Society in 2006 at the Ventress Library called “Barns and Beach houses”. That show represented her love of our New England culture; working barns nestled in the land and simple well-loved beach cottages on the ocean.  And here she is 18 years later, painting the same subjects!

She believes the fascination comes from the juxtaposition of the mostly geometric, man-made structures surrounded by the more organic structures of nature. That, and the way light affects the structures and therefore the composition. Some of these oil paintings in this presentation were done during a wonderful painting trip to Vermont last summer. The rest are based on her observations from her beloved local South Shore.