Holiday Small Works 2017 Sets Sail

By admin on November 16, 2017

Our annual exhibition, Holiday Small Works, premiered last week just in time for the holiday season! Our artist members have submitted hundreds of pieces, several of which quintessentially capture the holiday spirit. Additionally, you will find many seascapes and marine-themed artwork on display in the exhibition. This week, we are going to dive into some of these nautical scenes now showing at the gallery.

Gary Davis, CA, Gloucester Sunset. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12”

Gary Davis painted this recognizable scene of Gloucester Bass Rocks and added lovely strokes of greens, orange, and pink to capture the sunset.

Ann Trainor Domingue, CA, Another Day. Acrylic on panel, 8 x 8”

Ann Trainor Domingue has a series of abstract work devoted to fishermen and women. Another Day shows a fisherman at the dawn of his workday, seizing the opportunity to potentially catch a school of fish.

Nicolas Fox, Americas Cup 1893. Oil on panel, 5 x 7”

Americas Cup 1893 received a merit award in Holiday Small Works 2017. The simplicity in Fox’ piece gives emphasis to his skill at capturing the still, peaceful moments at sea.


Ellen Granter, CM, Fly the Plan. Oil on panel, 12 x 12”

Fly the Plan plays with intriguing reflections and beautiful colors that convey a feeling of solitude.

Susan Hollis, CA, Four Jetties. Pastel, 12 x 10”

This welcoming pastel by Susan Hollis takes a low viewpoint of a coastal scene, complete with great energy in the flowing waves, lush grass, and pine trees.


James Magner, Shore View. Oil, 12 x 13”

James Magner’s sloping dune in Shore View leads the viewer’s eye to the crystal clear blue water and flying seagulls.

Kat O’Connor, CM, Lure. Oil on panel, 11 x 8”

Kat O’Connor’s fishing hook gleams with a sense of prominence in Lure. The rainbow metallic colors and the curves of the fishing line and hook exude a commanding, majestic quality.

Elisabeth Pearl, CA, Solo. Oil on panel, 4 x 4”

Elisabeth Pearl’s miniature painting exhibits a grand sense of drama. The lonely rower in Solo is cast in a murky shadow amongst Pearl’s lively waves and storm clouds.  

Joe Reardon, CA, Reeds. Photography, 12 x 16”

The reflections of the reeds in the bright, clean blue water are mesmerizing in Joe Reardon’s photograph.

Christopher Zhang, CM, River Sunset. Oil, 9 x 14”

Christopher Zhang appears to use an impasto technique in River Sunset, adding rich texture to an already rich color palette.


Holiday Small Works is on view through December 24th in the Upper and Lower Galleries.

Cover Image credit: Del-Bourree Bach, Dusk Harbor. Acrylic on panel, 4 x 4″