Trinkets, Toys, and Trains in Holiday Small Works 2017

By admin on November 30, 2017

The gift-giving season is upon us! During this time of year, tiny toys, exciting games, and knickknacks are popular gift choices for children or the young at heart. In our annual exhibition “Holiday Small Works,” many artists feature these little treasures and capture their ability to inspire childlike wonderment and awe.

Richard Field, CA, Slow Day at the Races. Acrylic on panel, 10 x 13”

Iconic clay animation characters Wallace and Gromit make a cameo appearance in “Holiday Small Works 2017.” Here, artist Richard Field captures an adventurous racing game seemingly interrupted by the viewer’s presence. And below, machines come together as two robot figurines operate a long locomotive.

Richard Field, CA, The Stretch Tractor. Acrylic on panel, 8 x 17”

Debra Keirce’s oil painting Trinkets elicits charm through its small, adorned treasure box. It also exudes a sense of mystery as to what is secured within. Perhaps something delicate and sacred, as implied by the gentle butterflies and the Greek cross.

Debra Keirce, Trinkets. Oil on panel, 12 x 10”

Barney Levitt, CM, Sibling Rivalry. Oil on panel, 13 x 16”

Intense competition, even in a game of Scrabble, can spark a quarrel. Barney Levitt’s Sibling Rivalry plays off of the comical spats that occur when siblings take game winning very seriously.

Tony Schwartz, CA, Comm Ave Roof I. Black and white photography, 12 x 16”

Tony Schwartz’ black and white photograph of snow-covered roofs is more than meets the eye. The composition arranges the rooftops to look like a chessboard, complete with black and white pawns and rook pieces.

Hannah Cole Dahar, Winter Lemonade. Oil on panel, 14 x 14”

Artist Hannah Cole Dahar typically inserts toys into her paintings as a nod to children who leave their toys in curious, everyday places. In doing so, children unintentionally create new, delightful scenes where reality meets fantasy. Winter Lemonade captures one of these accidental moments by pairing real-life trees with plastic pines, and fresh lemons with a polar bear figurine.

Sara-Sue Pennell, CA, Red Little Welephunt. Pastel, 10 x 10”

Sara-Sue Pennell’s Red Little Welephunt uses “baby talk” to pronounce the word “elephant” in the title, further emphasizing its childlike quality.  

Kate Sullivan, CM, Evening Sun. Graphite pencil, 9 x 11”

Kate Sullivan expertly draws a sitting train in Evening Sun. With light beaming through the window, glinting on the train, this locomotive looks ready to chug on to a new adventure.

“Holiday Small Works 2017” is on view in the upper and lower galleries through December 24th


Banner Image credit: Kate Sulllivan, Afternoon in the Shed. Graphite pencil, 9 x 11″