Kristin Stashenko Instagram Takeover

By admin on December 7, 2017

Last week we launched our first social media takeover with the help of artist member Kristin Stashenko. For one day, Kristin Stashenko operated the Copley Society of Art’s Instagram account, @cosogallery, with behind-the-scenes looks at her solo exhibition, “Spaces.”

Kristin Stashenko’s caption: “This is a photo reference for my painting Between. There’s something about fire escapes that inspires me”

By comparing Kristin’s photo reference and final painting of Between, you can see Kristin Stashenko’s inspiration vs. interpretation. This includes differences in the color palette, the abstraction of the fire escape, and the addition of the building on the left.

Kristin Stashenko’s caption: “A view of my workspace and supplies.”

Kristin Stashenko gave us a glimpse into her workspace for her social media takeover. Although the dollops of paint may appear haphazard, Kristin Stashenko’s layout of paint mixtures and tubes are organized with careful precision.

Kristin Stashenko’s cation: “A little behind the scenes of an artist’s studio.”

Viewers were given a sneak peek into Kristin Stashenko’s painting process. If you look closely at the easel, you can see her two paintings, Evening Rain (left) and Holiday Shopping (right), which were recently featured in “Holiday Small Works 2017.”

Kristin Stashenko’s caption: “My inspiration pictures for the paintings Chandelier and Two Blue. Chandelier is inspired by the contrast of two different worlds.”

Once again, we were given insight into Kristin Stashenko’s inspiration for her artwork. In Chandelier, the point of view is shifted upward, and in Two Blue, the composition is brightened with bold color.

In this picture, Kristin Stashenko simultaneously works on two paintings for Holiday Small Works 2017

With the first artist takeover under our belt, we immensely enjoyed the behind-the-scenes looks into Kristin Stashenko’s solo exhibition, “Spaces.” Plus, we were able to catch glimpses of her two small works that were featured in “Holiday Small Works 2017.” View Kristin Stahsenko’s social media takeover on Instagram @cosogallery, and stay tuned for future takeovers by our artist members!

Kristin Stashenko’s solo exhibition, “Spaces,” is on view in the Red Room Gallery through December 24.


Banner image credit: Kristin Stashenko, New York Café, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20”.