Artist Demos for the Holidays

By admin on December 14, 2017

This December, artist members Joe Smith and Maureen Vezina held artist demonstrations just in time for the holiday season. Joe and Maureen explained the techniques and tools they use for their respective mediums, and stations were set up for them to demonstrate their processes.   

Joe Smith creates an original scratchboard for his artist demonstration

Artist member Joe Smith is primarily known for his scratchboard art. Scratchboard is a black-and-white panel, with black ink coating a white clay layer. To create the highly-detailed work that is characteristic of a scratchboard, artists use sharpened tools to scratch away the ink to create a drawing.

Joe Smith’s tools for coloring in the crevices of his scratchboard

Pictured above, Joe Smith creates an original scratchboard. In order to add color to his scratchboard, Joe Smith waters down colored inks and fills in the etched lines.

Maureen Vezina with examples of her artwork

For her demonstration, Duxbury artist Maureen Vezina explained her tips for creating en plein air artwork. Maureen Vezina even shared important advice on how to become a better and disciplined artist. For instance, no matter the weather, Maureen explained that she tries to paint en plein air 2-3 times per week as a means to continuously practice and improve her art.

Maureen Vezina shows her color palette to viewers

Lighting, nuanced color values, and various tools or visual aids such as photographs all come together to create Maureen Vezina’s artistic style.

Maureen Vezina uses a palette knife in her original painting

Joe Smith and Maureen Vezina’s artist demonstrations were fascinating insights into an artist’s style and practice. Some of their artwork is now on view in “Holiday Small Works 2017,” which continues through December 24th.