Winter White at Co|So

By admin on December 21, 2017

A New England holiday season feels incomplete without snow. Despite the warm weather in Boston, many of the pieces in Holiday Small Works 2017 depict winter wonderlands, frigid frosts, and blustery blizzards. These wintery scenes are sure to evoke feelings of comfort and good cheer, just in time for the holidays.

Patrick Anderson, Crossing Beacon, oil on canvas, 11 x 13”

Winter in the city is a common theme on display in Holiday Small Works 2017. While city scenes can often depict the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, heaps of fallen snow add a sense of calm and quiet. Patrick Anderson’s Crossing Beacon and Kristin Stashenko’s Holiday Shopping both show how a city transforms into a place of peaceful solitude after a snowfall. Conversely, Wendy Hale’s Skating at City Hall depicts a city ice skating rink as the center of excitement and activity.

Kristin Stashenko, Holiday Shopping, acrylic, 14 x 14,” SOLD

Wendy Hale, Skating at City Hall, watercolor, 8 x 8”

Another common theme on display is nature awash in white. Jeanne Rosier Smith’s White Pine and Del-Bourree Bach’s Winter White show winter landscapes as hushed, still, and pristine. In contrast, Jon Fish’s Beach Blizzard shows the power and disturbance brought by winter winds.

Del-Bourree Bach, Winter White, 8 x 8”

Jon Fish, Beach Blizzard, watercolor, 9 x 11”

Jeanne Rosier Smith, White Pine, pastel, 12 x 12”

Both Kathryn McMahon’s Light Shines Through and Cindy Crimmin’s January Dawn play with how light interacts with snow. Cindy Crimmin’s pastel flourishes in a marvelous range of blues, while Kathryn McMahon’s landscape highlights warm pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Kathryn McMahon, Light Shines Through, oil on canvas, 11 x 9”

Cindy Crimmin, January Dawn, pastel, 15 x 18

Pastoral winter scenes also make an appearance in Holiday Small Works 2017. A barn is illuminated under the winter moonlight in Marieluise Hutchinson’s Moonlight on New Snow, a dense winter fog shrouds a grazing horse in Tony Schwartz’ photograph, and specks of snow dance in Candace Lovely’s painting of a farm in Reading, Vermont. These pieces offer an escape from the city, and bring one closer to nature.

Marieluise Hutchinson, Moonlight on New Snow, oil, 11 x 13” SOLD

Tony Schwartz, Foggy Morning I, black and white photography, 16 x 12”

Candace Lovely, Cabot Farm Twilight, Reading Vermont, oil on canvas, 17 x 19

Holiday Small Works 2017 is sure to bring holiday cheer to those who pine for snow this season. Many of these winter wonderlands are on display until December 24th.


Banner Image: Roger Palframan, Freeze, Photography, 18 x 11”, SOLD