New Members: Abstract and Mixed Media Artists

By admin on January 11, 2018

Our 22 newly accepted artist members from 2017 are taking over the gallery! Our newest exhibition, “New Members Show 2018,” is on display in the Upper Gallery, the Red Room Gallery, and our offsite exhibition space at Boston Private Bank in the Prudential Center. Featuring a variety of genres and media including sculpture, photography, and multimedia, “New Members Show 2018” captures our new artist members’ stylistic diversity. In the weeks to come we will be looking at each of our new artist members, starting with our six abstract or mixed media artists.

Twin sisters Farzaneh and Bahareh Safarani, who go by “Safarani Sisters,” explore their identities through art. After both sisters developed a talent and love for art, the Safarani Sisters decided to collaborate together to create their distinct pieces. Thus, their multi-media artwork often reflects the disparity between sisterhood and individuality.


Safarani Sisters, Her Buffer Series Number 2, oil on panel and video projection, 39 x 24”

Mixed media artist Robin Colodzin creates harmonious pieces through themes of juxtaposition. Joining together chaos and order, light and dark, or confusion and clarity, Colodzin’s artwork touches upon what it means to experience life and exploration.


Robin Colodzin, And Yet It Tasted Like Them All II, mixed media, 22 x 18”

Stelios Mormoris works in a geometric abstract expressionist style. Mormoris’ work reflects his own affinity for architecture, geometrical shapes, and abstracted juxtapositions of light and color.


Stelios Mormoris, New Year’s Eve, oil on linen, 30 x 30”

Without touching a paint brush to his paper, Christopher Gill creates abstract art. In his process of dripping, spilling, and squirting watercolor or gouache, Chris Gill’s art appears spontaneous, yet intentional. This unique blend, along with distinct mixes of color, showcases the movement of life found within nature.


Christopher Gill, Stone Spirit, gouache, 16 x 19”

British artist Roger Palframan takes visually captivating photographs. His partially abstract work pays attention to everyday patterns, with a particular focus on organized scenes, geometric shapes, or movement through space.


Roger Palframan, San Francisco, photography, 32 x 32”

Anya Leveille’s abstract pieces focus on texture. Using materials such as oil and cold wax, marble dust, crushed seashells, and more, Leveille’s work displays an intriguing analysis of the natural world.


Anya Leveille, Last Bloom, mixed media, 22 x 26”

You can see more from these artists and the rest of our newly accepted artist members on display now in “New Members Show 2018.” This exhibition will be on view in the Upper Gallery, the Red Room Gallery, and the Boston Private Bank at the Prudential Center through February 22nd.


Banner Image: Stelios Mormoris, Sand Sky, oil on linen, 30 x 30”