New Members: Landscape and Seascape Artists

By admin on January 18, 2018

This week we will be taking a closer look at our new “scape” artists (landscapes and seascapes) featured in “New Members Show 2018.” These eight new artists explore the natural world through their art, and work in media such as pastel, watercolor, and oil. Each of these new artists showcases the various ways in which beauty is revealed in nature.

A realist painter, Nicolas Fox explores the mechanisms through which humans attempt to “master” nature, such as boats on the sea. But Fox depicts these mechanisms and nature working together in harmony, and ultimately creates peaceful scenes of serenity.


Nicolas Fox, Vigilant, oil on panel, 11 x 14”

Cindy Crimmin specializes in portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. For Crimmin, each of these genres informs the other, helping her to better understand the characteristics of light and movement. By painting natural forms such as rocks, water, or trees, Crimmin becomes more connected to the world around her.


Cindy Crimmin, Diana’s Bath II, pastel, 16 x 26”

As a native New Englander, one of Tony Visco’s favorite subjects to paint is New England itself. Working in oils, acrylics, or watercolors, Visco has a particular fondness for the New England sea, whether the waters be calm or lively.


P. Anthony Visco, Churning Surf, oil, 24 x 20”

In many of her paintings, Ginny Nickerson wants to capture atmosphere. Finding inspiration from Cape Cod, Nickerson attempts to depict all of the ever-changing elements that combine into one convincing, beautiful landscape.


Ginny Nickerson, Black Duck Camp, pastel, 17 x 29”

Rosalie Sidoti finds inspiration from the scenery of Cape Ann. In her depictions of these lush landscapes, Sidoti knows how to balance light and dark values in a way that heightens their soft beauty. Mixing realist and impressionist influences, Rosalie Sidoti’s style is intriguingly romantic.


Rosalie Sidoti, Evening Salt Marsh, oil, 32 x 32”

Susan Stranz wants viewers to find peace in her seascapes. This is why she never paints figures into her seascapes, for her watercolors are meant for viewers to find solitude.


Susan Stranz, Breakwater, watercolor, 22 x 30”

Kathryn McMahon’s artwork evokes a striking sense of time and place. The nature of McMahon’s work as an en plein air painter takes her to countries around the world, where she attempts to paint a place’s indescribable qualities.


Kathryn McMahon, A Coastal Scene, oil on canvas, 24 x 28”

David Drinon paints three genres: landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes. In each of these “scapes,” Drinon tries to capture the mood and energy of the moment, such as a lively city or an undulating wave. Ultimately, Drinon’s art takes viewers on a journey, which emulates his own unpredictable course through a painting’s creation.


David Drinon, Ogunquit Rocks From Marginal Way, oil, 23 x 19”

These artists are now featured in “New Members Show 2018,” an exhibition on view at Co|So and the Boston Private Bank in the Prudential Center through February 22.


Banner Image: Rosalie Sidoti, Sun’s Reflection, oil, 31 x 43″