Photographic Journeys

By admin on January 25, 2018

Our body of more than 350 artist members represent a wide range of media including oil, pastel, and watercolor. In each exhibition, we also feature our photographers who submit exquisite work. This week, we will be looking at some of the photographers whose work is now displayed in “Journeys: A Small Works Show.”

Joe Reardon, Bandon, photography, 12 x 16”

Bandon, a photograph by Joe Reardon, takes viewers to the West Coast of the United States. This scene evokes the natural cycle of death and rebirth, as the rotting timbers fall like dominoes toward the small patch of green grass. And yet, the scene sets a tone of peace and solitude, inviting viewers to journey onward along the seaside.

Nicole Cacchiotti, Monet’s Water Lilies, photography, 15 x 12”

In her photograph of water lilies, student member Nicole Cacchiotti takes a cue from Claude Monet. The bright green of the lilies contrasts with the sleek, dark water.

Coleman Rogers, Many Paths to Get There, photography, 10 x 20”

Many Paths to Get There shows an expanse of empty winding train tracks that are interspersed with anonymous footprints. The photograph exudes a sense of mystery as viewers wonder to whom the footprints belonged, why they left, and where they are going.

Coleman Rogers, Bang Zoom, to the Moon!, photography, 9 x 22”

Coleman Rogers’ photograph Bang Zoom, to the Moon!, suggests that outer space is a thrilling destination. In this photograph, the moonlight intriguingly interacts with its surroundings, illuminating the wispy fog, and then contrasting with the clear night sky.

Tony Schwartz, Serengeti Migration, digital photography, 12 x 14”

Tony Schwartz’ black and white photograph takes a birds-eye view (or more accurately, an air balloon view) of a wildebeest herd moving along the Serengeti. Casting its shadow, the hot air balloon appears in the form of a giant exclamation point, summarizing the reaction to the exhilarating scene below.

Explore these diverse places on view now in the Lower Gallery! “Journeys: A Small Works Show” is on view through April 12th.


Banner Image: Tony Schwartz, Superb Starling Nests, black and white photography, 12 x 16