Holidaying in Cape Cod

By admin on June 29, 2017

People will be flocking to Cape Cod for Fourth of July weekend. Like the dock in Jane Stoddard’s “Crowded” painting, highways and beaches will be packed, with thousands traveling to Cape Cod for the holiday.


Crowded, watercolor, 24 x 20


If you are relaxing at Cape Cod this weekend, keep an eye out for waterfront scenes and activities that inspired some of Jane Stoddard’s paintings for her upcoming exhibition, Seaside Reflections.

You may recognize this view of Provincetown Boatyard:


Provincetown Boatyard, watercolor, 37 x 32


Or if you are visiting the coast you may notice lobstah buoys floating in the harbor similar to these “Ladies in Red:”


Ladies in Red, watercolor, 40 x 32


Perhaps you have made plans to go fishing with some family or friends…



Let’s Go Fishing II, watercolor, 18 x 16


…or you may decide to stay in Boston for a quiet day of rest.


Day of Rest, watercolor, 32 x 40


Whether you are coming into Boston or going to Cape Cod, you will find many seaside scenes that can be found in Jane Stoddard’s images.


Coming or Going, watercolor, 40 x 32


Jane Stoddard’s solo show, Seaside Reflections, is on view until August 16 in our Red Room Gallery and Boston Private’s Prudential Center branch location.