New Members Show 2016

By admin on February 16, 2016

The Copley Society is excited to present their new artists exhibit in the Upper Gallery. The Co|So Artists: New Members Show has much to offer in the way of genre, subject and medium.

Upon entering the gallery one is immediately impressed by the diversity of artistic styles. Large abstracted works hang comfortably next to small, color-rich landscapes; rigorous impasto is countered by stunning photographic detail. Sculpture, mixed media and even cut paper all mingle happily with those equally cherished, traditional subjects.

Painting Toenails by Joseph Moniz is an intriguing work. Moniz takes advantage of his small surface, only 7×13 inches, to create an intimate relationship with the viewer. Far from mundane, Moniz’s choice and handling of the subject is expertly executed. Rendered in oil on panel, the painting plays with the soft light often found in the private spaces of one’s home. Complexity can be found in the detail of the button down shirt and the whimsical pose of the figure.

Further into the gallery one cannot help but be drawn into Jack Morefield’s BL. This is the type of work that encourages your pacing back and forth, observing how the image changes as you move around it. His choice of color is relaxing and calm, and his technique is lively and fun. The more time you spend with image, the more becomes visible. On the second day of viewing the subject matter became delightfully clear. I’ll let you discover it’s secret for yourself.

Reflection and Transparency is in intriguing work by Jason Sawtelle. The image walks a fine line between hyper-realism and abstraction, an artistic feat. A striking contrast is the interplay between the quiet moss green and the insistent energy of the sky blue. Another glance, and it makes sense. The artist has captured in oil the reflection of light on water. Wondrously the viewer stands with their feet are in the stream, their eyes transfixed by the rippling reflection of trees. The image takes on multiple states of being: abstracted yet transparent, both calm and energetic as the title suggests.

All these works and more are on display through February 19th in the upper gallery at the Copley Society of Art. Don’t forget to check out more works by Co|So artists. Small Works: Chill Out is on display in the lower gallery through April 3rd.

Lauren W. Warford