Doron Putka, CM


Putka likes to take lots of photos in the most interesting light, and tries a variety of angles, positions and times of day. She does at least one sketch to use as a good color reference. She works on composition, sketching several possibilities. After consulting with the sitter, the artist combines the chosen photos with the color sketch, so the colors are as close as possible to what she really saw. Taking photos can require several days. Sketching can take from an hour to three, and more than one go, since it is difficult to sit for a portrait. It may require several sittings. The artist can go to the client’s home, do sittings at her studio, depending on the setting in which the client feels most comfortable. If the artist works from photos, the work might take a while, depending on how detailed it is, and the size.

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Head and shoulders: 5,000
Head and hands: 7,500
Three quarters: 10,000
These include simple background. If there are details needed, add 500.
Small portraits, 16x20": 4,500
9x12": 1,400