Debra Keirce


Using oil colors, I paint realistic artwork from 2 inches to 4 feet tall. My still life, portrait, landscape, animal and miniature paintings are in private, corporate, government and museum collections across the world. I delight in painting commissions. I have worked hard to earn signature memberships and awards in many societies and art shows. It's the way I communicate my love for America, for the beauty in things that are odd and vintage, and for the legacy of the golden age artists. Here in Boston, 8 of my commissioned portraits hang in the Langham Hotel on Franklin Street, in their fine dining area.

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I prefer to work from photographs for portrait commissions. My pricing structure for portraits is the same for commissioned pieces of any subject. I do not charge by the body part. Rather, I charge by panel size. I include a custom frame of my choosing.
2.5"x4" $340
3"x4" $395
3"x5" $410
4"x4" $425
4"x6" $445
5"x7" $545
6"x6" $555
6"x8" $625
7"x9" $685
8"x10" $695
9"x12" $900
11"x14" $1,285
12"x16" $1,585
16"x20" $2,595
18"x24" $3,505
30"x40" $5,975