Debra Keirce

Originally from Detroit, Debra Keirce is an accomplished woman artist in contemporary realism. In her Northern Virginia studios, she paints in oils up to four feet tall, with a specialty in true miniature pieces as small as your palm.

Debra has earned several honors in acclaimed art circles. She is proud to be a US coast guard artist, and winner of the 2022 George Gray award. She is the recipient of a rare artist residency at sea with crew on the U.S. National Security Cutter Stone. Also, eleven of her paintings were commissioned and are hanging prominently in the newly remodeled Boston Langham 5 star hotel. Debra is an Art Renewal Center Living Master, (ARCLM) and holds signature memberships in the National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society, American Women Artists, Southwest Artists, and Miniature Artists of America.

She is also a juried member of several prestigious societies, including Copley Society of Art (as well as their juried portrait registry,) Salmagundi Club, International Guild of Realism, Women Artists of the West, and American Artists Professional League.

Recent awards include first place in the Miniature Painters Sculptors Gravers Society in Maryland. Debra won 2nd Place in the Bryn Du Mansion Art Show in Ohio. She was awarded a purchase prize and her art is on a wine label at Tongue River Winery in Montana.

Debra had a career as a biochemical design engineer in the 1980’s and 1990’s. She led project teams in building manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical companies. Debra has studied with many instructors and programs over the years, but is currently working through the Ani Art Academies curriculum that was created by trompe l’oeil painter Anthony Waichulis. In 2010 she turned her passion for the visual arts into a full time career.

Traditional artworks are the foundation for Keirce’s art business. But, she embraces the vintage and surreal in paintings she calls “a little bit quirky.” In her own words, “Oddities are worthy of contemplation.”

Keirce’s miniature fine art and hidden painting series offer atypical ways to interact with her art. Her works invite viewers to lean in closer because she uses a magnifying glass in their creation. Centuries ago, paintings were often in cupboards or under curtains until people leaned in to view them. Debra finds that some art is more precious when you put effort into seeing it close up and personal.

In these ways, Debra Keirce offers art that is visual and experiential. Debra’s work has earned her collectors worldwide. It is in private, government, museum and corporate collections across the globe, including the USA, Japan, Belize, France, England. Her five works in the US Coast Guard permanent collection travel between USCG locations around the world.

Debra Keirce is quoted saying "While my subject matter varies, every painting has a job. It makes your heart smile. Can you feel the breeze? Do you hear the birds chirping? Can you relate to the mood on that face? Do you want to lean in and smell that flower or taste that grape? Good. Mission accomplished.”

Selected Works