Kelley Hails


I am a portrait artist primarily, and spend the majority of my studio time (greater than 80%) working on portraits and commissions. I offer portrait commissions in graphite and in oils, in a range of sizes chosen by the recipient, from miniatures to life size. My subjects are men, women, children and pets.

I have the flexibility, training, and experience to work either from life or from photographs. For life size and near-life size pieces, I prefer to meet with the subject and take my own photos while getting to know the subject. When possible, several choices of clothing and backgrounds is explored. I make some studies from life, whenever possible. I have completed several posthumous portraits from provided photos, even as small as 2x2 inches. My process is to make thumbnail sketches, color studies, and drawings first, and share these with the customer to ensure that our visions are aligned. As the portrait begins to take shape, I share the progress by email, and once complete, offer assistance with framing choices as well. My practice is to keep in communication with the customer throughout the process, from initial inquiry to delivery.

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Life Size Oil:
Head and Shoulders - $5,000
Head and Hands - $6,500
Three Quarters - $10,500
Full Length - $12,500

Smaller than Life Size in an Interior or Landscape:
16" x 20" - $4,000
9" x 12" - $1,350
8" x 10" - $1,000
5" x 7" - $350