All Hours Interlude – Shipyard Revisited

A free spirited “jump into it” approach is my 2nd work of the experimental “Interlude Series”, this time with an “all hours“ schedule – morning, noon and night.

Opportunities were realized with new techniques as well as enhancements to earlier discoveries. “All Hours Interlude – Shipyard Revisited”, like its predecessor,  broke new ground, but it also took lessons and work from the past as a bridge into the future.

Mixed Media Collage: Acrylics (paint, gouache, ink – regular, iridescent and “shimmering”, mediums, resin fixative), nine woodcut trial proof elements (two joined together) pulled from a 1974 work titled “Shipyard”, Dura-Lar archival acetate (Mylar), graphite, colored and metallic pencils, Sakura Pigma Ink, various brushes and pens – on acrylic gesso primed hardboard panel.

SKU: d43a021e7ae7

Framed Dimensions: 25.5x37.5

Medium: mixed media collage

Artist: Peter Knapp

Exibition: New Members Show 2024