Home Alchemy

This piece is part of a long term project reinterpreting tarot cards into paintings to create an imaginative symbolism that reflects my values.
“Home Alchemy” is inspired by Paul Klee and Henri Matisse, and refers to “The Magician” tarot card, (sometimes called “The Alchemist”). A person stands at a table mixing things in a bowl. Who is a magician in domestic life? In this version, the person has been eliminated from the design leaving just the action.
The bowl also visually refers to another card in the deck I’ve designed. The nine of cups has two goldfish in a Japanese garden. These fish are a direct reference to Matisse’s goldfish paintings, and to the inner garden we can create for ourselves.

Framed Dimensions: 36x36

Medium: oil on canvas

Artist: Caroline Rufo, CA

Exibition: In the Style Of