Hypothetical Deity IV

An exploration into the view that a hypothetical consciousness from a higher plane of thought would see looking down on the interactions of human consciousnesses from above. It draws from the aesthetic library of micro-organic life to symbolize the inferiority of the lower form of consciousness that beings in our plane of existence experience in comparison to this greater being observing them. This piece also aims to show the importance of understanding our consciousness as symbiotic, interconnected, and needing each other to exist as mental beings, for without our interactions (through culture, speech, and communication in general) consciousness never would have arisen within the human mind despite its great inherent complexity. (in relation to the Bicameral mentality of early humankind as discussed by Julian Jaynes in the book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”).

SKU: d0aeaab23d7c

Framed Dimensions: 24x36

Medium: oil on canvas

Patrick Brennan

Exibition: Emergence: Art from MFA Boston Staff