‘It’s The Real Thing’


My inspiration for my painting, ‘It’s The Real Thing’ comes from what I imagine a summer camp experience would be like. This moment of time that I’ve painted is very tranquil and dark. It’s late. The campers are in their bunks and a counselor is on a simple back porch reaching for a selection from a Coke machine. It’s a moment that the reflection from the machine outlines her. It’s a moment that a light from the camp office is reflecting on a wooden deck.

I never went to summer camp but maybe for those who did, this is the moment that they ‘see’ too. Or maybe, it’s just a time of their life for reflection.

SKU: 29d1ee9a22fb

Framed Dimensions: 12” x 15”

Medium: oil

Artist: Cameron Michael Kelley

Exibition: Small Works: Reflections