The chptRs remix Matte Black series S is designed as a play on limited color ways in limited quantities seen in hype and sneaker culture.  The all black design represents the use of limited “triple black” edition shoes that used to be manufactured in abundance, but are now manufactured in scarcity.  The red digital painting offers a remixed view of famous marble sculptures.  The use of anime mecha figures in combination with marble sculptures represent the dichotomy of high and low forms of art, anime being denigrated in the art world over sculpture, while both anime and high art sculpture are praised highly, mainly due to brand recognition.

SKU: 6f2360bb6a8d

Framed Dimensions: 8.75x32

Medium: skateboard, adhesive polypropylene, digital print

Nathaniel Burks

Exibition: Emergence: Art from MFA Boston Staff