Low Tide and Twilight

“Low Tide and Twilight” is part of a body of work titled “I Am Not My Season” which is a collection of landscape paintings with an emphasis on color and atmosphere in how they relate to the changing of the time. When we recall in a visceral way the experience of how the human body feels in nature, in all of its delights or turbulence, we have a chance to achieve a greater sense of place and, if it is shared, empathy. The goal of each piece in this body of work, is to take a moment, a sensation, a time of year, and through the meditation that comes with the processes of painting, provide a space for the viewer to center themselves and remember specific moments in their own life when they felt connected to the natural world we (oftenly regrettably) forget we exist in. This particular piece features gesturally painted seaweed and rocks embedded in the dense wet sand from the receding tide as the luminous late day sky hangs overhead.

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Framed Dimensions: 30x24

Medium: Uncategorized

John Jameson

Exibition: Emergence: Art from MFA Boston Staff