Paddle and Surf from the series “Fluidity of Attraction.” Edition of 1.

I create temporary collages, paintings, and installations, illuminate them with ambient lighting to create dimensionality, capture the ensemble with a camera, and print with minimal post-processing. The ephemera are dismantled, and exist only as a single, archival canvas print. I call this medium, “Captured Collage.” “Fluidity of Attraction” is an example of this novel medium and can be viewed at

“Fluidity of Attraction” is a rare and novel series where the subject matter –– Attraction, the artistic elements –– Iron Nanoparticle Suspension, Rare-Earth Magnetic Field, Ambient Light, Sky, Shadow and Reflection and, the medium –– Captured Collage, all converge on a single quality, ephemerality!

Attraction based on beauty and lust, is fleeting. And, when not evanescent, it ebbs and flows with time, it is fluid.

Attraction of the iron nanoparticles is temporary, dependent upon a magnetic field.

The collages after I capture them, last as long as my whim.

Framed Dimensions: 32x21

Medium: mixed media

Artist: Cariappa Annaiah, CA

Exibition: Summer Hours