The Watcher

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I lost my father, and turned to art as part of my healing process, experimenting with techniques to help come to terms with the lack of control we each have in this world. To honor his memory I have focused on owls, and for this piece, I paired the unpredictable mediums of spray paint and watercolor with my medium of choice Copic pen. Forcing me to surrender control to the paint while also approaching my inking with a lighthearted stroke. Trying to capture the reverence my father had for these mystical creatures I chose to have this one emerging from an undefinable darkness with a magic of its own.

SKU: 4a9d6ee5276b

Framed Dimensions: 27.25x39.25

Medium: pen, watercolor and paint on board

Cara Johnston

Exibition: Emergence: Art from MFA Boston Staff