As part of an architectural thesis questioning our current relationship with food, this triptych calls for the emergence of a sustainable alternative. The images of the adaptive re-use project of Smithfield Market in London encourage people to view food production more holistically as part of a larger network with externalities. Framing, re-framing and internalizing images of food production in foreground, middle ground and background, the thesis project took on the role of an immersive Claude Glass. As such, it embodied tools from the picturesque movement to mediate between two-dimensional pictures and their three-dimensional experience to refocus and reverse the psychological departure of people from their food. The resulting imagery that can be observed in this triptych reinforces the importance of food visibility as key to the necessary emergence of food sustainability. Through it, as Smithfield Market itself proudly proclaims, “you are now entering a food area”.

SKU: d4cb32f121c9

Framed Dimensions: 66x28

Medium: digital print

Luisa Respondek

Exibition: Emergence: Art from MFA Boston Staff