Sneak Peek at Our Newest Members Show, Renewal

By Paige Roehrig on February 28, 2019

The winter Members Show: Renewal will be officially welcomed with an opening reception at Co|So tonight! The show is comprised of a diversity of mediums and was juried by Meg White, Director of Gallery NAGA. Enjoy a sneak peek at a few of the works in this year’s winter members show.

Roger Palframan, CA, Vik I, photography, 34” x 24”

Roger Palframan is a photographer from England who currently lives and works in the Boston area. As an artist, he focuses on creating images that are visually striking from the first encounter, emphasizing shape, form, and line while simultaneously revealing subtle depth, texture, and detail. His highly visually striking photograph, Vik I, demonstrates these artistic goals and interests. The photograph captures the surf breaking on Black Sand Beach at Vik in Iceland.

John Rufo, Waking Into Light, oil on panel, 26” x 32”

John Rufo paints an early morning along the inner shore of Cape Cod, looking east as the sun approaches the horizon. The cool color palette of this serene setting is consistent with many of the artist’s other artworks. During his artistic process Rufo works back and forth between painting and drawing on the surface, often utilizing a palette knife to create marks that contrast with the brush strokes. Rufo hopes to facilitate a connective interaction between the artwork and the viewer, as he believes that people respond to art when it evokes a personal connection.

Lori Mehta, Sheer Joy, oil on board, 20” x 26”

Lori Mehta immediately takes her viewer to summer time along the beach, evoking memories underneath the warm sun by the crashing ocean. The artist often features figures in bold, bright colors rendered in thick lines. Though the figure is absent here, it is still assumed through the white dress draped across the beach chair, suggesting the body is not far away.

Jon Allan Marshall, CM, Spring Roots-Hemlock, oil on copper and wood, 17” x 14”

Jon Allan Marshall’s oil paintings are created in the classical tradition he is inspired by: 17th century Dutch landscape, still life, portrait, history, allegory, and Hudson River School painters. In this piece, you can see the image extend out onto the frame, a long-running theme in Marshall’s work. The scene in the oil on copper painting continues onto the painted wooden frame. The paper in the foreground is a trompe l’oeil carpet page from an ancient manuscript, the Book of Durrow. According to the artist, this is a painting about hope. Life in the roots waits to continue the growth of the tree, indicating that spring is coming, something we can all look forward to.

Members Show: Renewal opens tonight with the opening reception from 5:50 – 7:30 pm, and will be on display in the Upper Gallery until April 28th. We hope to see you at Co|So soon!