The Women and Awards of Renewal

By Paige Roehrig on March 7, 2019

 Each winter Co|So looks forward to our first members show of the year, a juried exhibition encompassing works from a variety of mediums by our artist members. This year’s exhibit, Members Show: Renewal, was juried by Meg White, director of Gallery NAGA on Newbury Street. With March being Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to celebrate and honor these three award-winning women of the Copley Society of Art.

Third Place: Mary Hughes, CA, Ice Flow I, acrylic on canvas, 42” x 32”

Mary Hughes has been inspired by many different landscapes over the course of her artistic career, from plein air painting in southern France to creating work in inland New Hampshire. Even within the artist’s abstract paintings, references to nature are evident. In Ice Flow I, Mary Hughes explores mapping, mark making, and the passage of time. The drawings and paintings are built upon meandering lines formed in reaction to the previous layers of paint, recalling contour maps, topographical lines, and nautical charts. The organic forms reference the landscape while also referencing abstract patterning.

Second Place: Carolyn Latanision, CM, Powered Down, Bethlehem Steel, watercolor, 28” x 38”

People and architecture often consume the themes of Carolyn Latanision’s artwork. According to Latanision, the strength and style of buildings and the abstract patterns of light and dark they provide draw her in the most. She grew up just blocks from the blast furnaces of the Bethlehem Steel Company plant in Pennsylvania, and was surrounded daily by its commanding structures and activities. Her Bethlehem Steel series is an ongoing project, and continues in watercolor, oil, casein, and photographs.

First Place: Acadia Mezzofanti, CA, Self-Portrait: Untamed, photography, 22” x 18”

Acadia Mezzofanti finds consummate happiness every time she lifts her camera, looks into her viewfinder, and releases the shutter. Mezzofanti finds the photographic process challenging and exciting: “There is a creative moment when my mind’s eye must pull together different elements in the viewfinder, find the proper composition and heightened expression before the lens, because once I miss the decisive moment, it is forever lost.” Acadia Mezzofanti is the Copley Society’s youngest member who has already achieved the status of “Copley Artist” and has already won several awards in numerous shows across New England.

This year’s Members Show: Renewal will be up through April 28th, we hope to see you in the gallery soon.