Sparkle and Shine at the Prudential Center

By admin on February 2, 2017

The Prudential Center is sparkling with the addition of our new exhibition, Deborah Quinn-Munson’s Sparkle. These pastel works depict relaxing, shimmering scenes of water and natural shores. The sun hitting the water creates an illusion of sparkle, drawing the viewer in with its intensity and leaving them to gaze into the scene and contemplate.


(Extra Bright, Pastel and Oil Wash 36×18)


In this large view of mid-day at the waterfront, you can explore the soft pulse of waves in the middle of the large body of water. Layers of oil wash and pastel create an interesting texture in the water. The bright blue of the water stands out with the glitter and shine of the reflection of the warm sun.


(Summer Sparkle, Pastel 24×16)

Summer Sparkle is a warm welcome to a tranquil gaze into a summer’s day by the water. The soft texture of yellow and green grassy shores remind us of long relaxing days spent outdoors in nature. The cool blues and purples of a current and the sharp sparkle of the water invite us to gaze and possibly cool down with a swim.


(Blue Sparkle, Pastel 22×18)

In this calming image of night on the water, the moonlight’s reflection creates a sparkle coming off the water, and creeps over past a small patch of trees that cast their dark shadow on the water. The layers of pastel help to create the ripples of light and shadow in the water, as crisp and cool as the night itself.

Come and visit these works in person at the Boston Private bank in the Prudential Center. Let the calming gleams of water add a little relaxation and sparkle to your life.

By Courtney DiPasquale