New Member Highlight: Chris Firger

By admin on February 11, 2017

Chris Firger, a new member of the Copley Society of Art, creates vividly colored impressionistic style landscapes of the New England area. Born in Massachusetts, Chris went on to college in Montreal where he became inspired by a collective of Canadian artists, called the ‘Group of Seven’. This 1920’s artist group was interested in creating expressive Canadian landscapes using vibrant colors and mesmerizing design.


Chris uses these same techniques to create his work, drawing in viewers to his work with his impressionistic interpretation of the New England landscape. To create these landscapes, Chris goes and explores new towns and forests with his sketchbook and camera. When he returns to his studio, he looks back to his sketches and photos, but focuses on the feeling and movement of the space he was in. He allows his mind and hand to be the main source for the transition from the image in life to become the image on canvas.


The results are striking and beautiful, allowing for the viewer to become captivated by the scene and the color. Chris hopes that his work will inspire his viewers to go out and explore nature for themselves and see the natural beauty our world has to offer.


by Courtney DiPasquale