Upcoming Exhibition: Shaken and Stirred

By admin on February 16, 2017

The Copley Society of Art is gearing up for our upcoming show, Shaken and Stirred! This juried exhibition aims to showcase Copley members who work in a variety of mediums and subject matter. Additionally, four selected works have been awarded for their excellence: “North Shore” by Dan Dalton, “Yesterday” by Bobby Baker, “17 Cups” by Barney Levitt, and “Between the Sheets” by Laura Tryon Jennings.

First Prize: Don Dalton, CA, North Shore, Watercolor, 14×20 

This complex and subtly colored landscape captures the rush of waves on an overcast day in Mount Desert Island, Maine, providing a serene escape for the viewer to gaze into and enjoy the tranquility of the sounds of waves hitting the rocks.

Second Prize: Bobby Baker, CA, Yesterday, Photography, 36×36

This large scale print displays the photographer’s dream; a mixture of film cameras piled atop one another as a nod to the past of the medium. 

Third Prize: Barney Levitt, CM, 17 Cups, Oil on Panel, 13×25

This whimsical painting displays a delicate and colorful balance of fine tea cups, allowing for a brief escape from the complexity of reality into the ambience of charm and steadiness.


Juror’s Choice: Laura Tyron Jennings, Between the Sheets, Oil on Linen, 32×42

The artist grasps a realistic perspective of the view from the head of their bed, allowing for contemplation of a calm watery landscape outside of the windows within the warmth of home. 

Make sure to come by the reception on Thursday, February 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30 to see these and other exquisite works of art!

By Courtney DiPasquale