Featured Artwork of Our Winter Members’ Show

By Aly Schuman on February 23, 2017

Our Winter Members’ Show, Shaken and Stirred, has just been installed and will be officially welcomed tonight at our opening reception. There are 37 works of art, in mediums from oil paint to watercolor to scratchboard. Have a sneak peek at some of the works below!


Grey Geese Straight Up with Ice on the Side, Richard John Houghton, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 11×14

The tongue-in-cheek title fits this charming New England scene. Two geese walk alongside a semi-frozen lake in the snow, in a landscape complete with farmhouses and a quintessential New England stone wall. The scene is painted on an oval wood panel, in the spirit of early American frescoes and overmantels, which RJ Houghton researches and restores.


Short and Main Mixologist, Eli Cedrone, CA, Oil on Panel, 11×14

This mixologist’s hands are a flurry of brushstrokes as he skillfully pulls liquors and blends drinks, surrounded by rows of bottles. The title refers to a local North Shore restaurant, Short and Main in Gloucester. In her personal statement Eli Cedrone describes herself as a Contemporary Impressionist, and that she focuses on “the expressive qualities of light captured with paint.”


Islands and Lake, Suzanne Hodes, CM, Oil on Canvas, 36×43

Bright colors dance across this canvas in a rosy look at island life. The sun is low in the sky, illuminating the blues and greens of the island with oranges and purples. The effect evokes a bright, cheerful feeling, and perhaps dreams of a much-needed vacation as well.


Aware, Julian Cherubini, Photography, 21×29

These brightly dressed mannequins pose from behind the display window in front of black and white surroundings. One mannequin wears sunglasses, hiding her face, as if she might be looking back at the passersby who gaze at her. In his work Julian Cherubini has expressed interest in the geometry of the city and looking at it from new perspectives. This angle focuses on the act of looking, in the mannequin facing away from the camera, and the one given lenses as if she had eyes with which to see onto the street.Join us for the opening reception tonight, Thursday, February 23rd, from 5:30 to 7:30pm for the chance to see these works and others in person!

by Aly Schuman