Spring is Coming to the Copley Society!

By admin on March 2, 2017

The snow has melted, warmer days creep into our usually frigidly cold weeks, and the days are starting to get longer. This can only mean one thing: spring is beginning to arrive in Boston! The Copley Society of Art is very excited for this change of weather and wanted to share with you some works by our members that help remind us that the glorious season of spring will shortly be here. 

Ron Wybranowski, Yellow Sun Star, photography, 16×14 

As spring begins to roll in so will our beautiful blooms. Ron Wybranowski’s photograph of these yellow sun stars help to brighten up the room of our gallery and reminds us that other flowers like this are not far from bloom themselves. 

William Turner, Warbler, oil on canvas, 10×8 

One of the most glorious parts of spring is the awakening of life in nature. Birds are just one of the friendly creatures that begin to thrive. William Turner’s depiction of the warbler reminds us of spring’s ability to bring life with its warmth. 

Shelley Thayer Layton, Paul Revere Statue, oil on Raymar linen panel, 8×10

One of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful, warm spring day is to take long walks and enjoy the outdoors. These long walks are especially glorious when one is surrounded by both city and nature, as Shelley Thayer Layton’s painting reminds us.

Though there are still a few cold and blustery days ahead, it’s nice to think about the long, warmer days to come with spring. All of these works come from the Small Works: Shake it Up are on view in our Lower Gallery. Stop by from now until April 6th to experience these and other small works created by our members.

by Courtney DiPasquale