Daniel Dempster, CA

Dan Dempster (b. 1963), since 2008 has been a member of the oldest non-profit artist association in the United States, the Copley Society of Art (est. 1879). “With the acceptance of his oil painting to the 2018 Copley Society's Winter Members Show juried by Tom Kellaway, Editor of American Art Review, Daniel became a Copley Artist (CA). Achieving this status is a mark of excellent technique, hard work ethic and superb artistry." - Copley Society of Art

A graduate of the University of Waterloo and Sheridan College, he has lived and shown in New York, LA, Boston and Bermuda. His work is in HSBC, Swiss Re and other private collections. Among other charitable events, his painting was selected for the British Red Cross Society “Art for Humanity” auction in London. He now lives in the Colorado mountain town of Pagosa Springs with his wife and two sons.

Mr. Dempster’s particular interest is the play of water and light in the refracted light in the river shallows, the reflected colors and shapes of the pools and rapids and the vast detail of snow and ice of the mountains. There is endless inspiration in the gorgeous natural beauty surrounding Pagosa Springs.

While aesthetically pleasing, Mr. Dempster’s art has a definite contemplative quality. This is no accident. In addition to his artistic mastery, he is an authorized and certified meditation teacher. Combining both, Mr. Dempster curates the rarest and most elusive commodity in this age of information overload: peace of mind. Pointing out the spectacular in the mundane, he teaches how to see.

“As we immerse ourselves in the contemplation of water and the experience of water, our preoccupations dissolve. Mind and body unwind. Free from thoughts of self and other, our minds become clear and open. In this expansive state, we rediscover awe and wonder in the world. Deep satisfaction, joy and kindness follow. That is what my art enables. That is what the water teaches.”

In addition to his highly detailed studio drawings, paintings and sculpture, Mr. Dempster enjoys the freshness of painting en plein air, as demonstrated in his latest collection. He can often be found somewhere along the river, or out by the Springs Resort’s soaking pools, working deftly at his easel.

Selected Works