Susan Johnson

Susan's current watercolor paintings seek to portray familiar animals and landscapes from new perspectives. She often focuses on how negative space interacts with her subject matter, and tries to tread the line between realism and abstraction. She is interested in how light, reflections and shadows capture gestures and animate interactions, and how integrating small glimpses of the environment portray individual roles in a larger drama.

A career educator with a B.S. from Cornell and an M.Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Susan lives in Portland, ME and works at the Harvard Ed Portal, at Harvard University. She oversees educational outreach programs for 1st through 12th grades, and works with undergraduates, graduate students and faculty on teaching, and communication. She has taught secondary school biology and prior to that worked on several PBS science series. A fervent believer that art is essential to conveying information about the natural world, Susan enjoys engaging all ages in pursuits that connect art, science, health and the outdoors.

Selected Works